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(English) Books

1. Title: Linear Models and Generalizations - Least Squares and Alternatives
    Authors: C.R. Rao, H. Toutenburg, Shalabh, and C. Heumann
    Publisher: Springer, 2008
2. Title: Recent Advances In Linear Models and Related Areas
     Editors: Shalabh and C. Heumann
     Publisher: Springer, 2008

Research Papers (2009-)

  • Joint modelling of Anaemia and Malaria in children under five in Nigeria. Gayawan E., Samson A., Heumann C., Seiler C. (2016). Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology. Accepted.
  • Simultaneous Treatment of Missing Data and Measurement Error in HIV Research Using Multiple Overimputation. Schomaker M, Hogger S, Johnson LF, Hoffmann CJ, Bärnighausen T, Heumann C. (2015). Epidemiology, 26(5), 628-636.
  • Ohlander J, Huber SM, Schomaker M, Heumann C, Schierl R, et al. (2013) Risk Factors for Mercury Exposure of Children in a Rural Mining Town in Northern Chile. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79756. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079756
  • Seiler, C., Heumann, C. (2013):"Microdata imputations and macrodata implications: Evidence from the Ifo Business Survey", Economic Modelling, 35, 722-733.
  • Wanka, E. R., Bayerstadler, A., Heumann, C., Nowak, D., Jörres, R.A., Fischer, R. (2013):"Weather and air pollutants have an impact on patients with respiratory diseases and breathing difficulties in Munich, Germany", International Journal of Biometeorology, http://www.springerlink.com/openurl.asp?genre=article&id=doi:10.1007/s00484-013-0730-3
  • Zahid, F. M., Ramzan, S. and Heumann C. (2013): "Regularized proportional odds models", Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00949655.2013.814133
  • Bayerstadler, A., Benstetter, F., Heumann, C. and Winter, F. (2013): "A predictive modeling approach to increasing the economic effectiveness of desease management programs", Health Care Management Science, http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10729-013-9246-y
  • Schomaker, M. and Heumann, C. (2013): "Model selection and model averaging after multiple imputation", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.csda.2013.02.017
  • Shalabh, G. Garg and C. Heumann (2012): "Performance of Double k-class Estimators for Coefficients in Linear Regression Models with Non Spherical Disturbances under Asymmetric Losses'', Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 112, pp. 35-47.
  • Prediction of the incidence and persistence of allergic rhinitis in adolescence: A prospective cohort study Author(s): Kellberger, J (Kellberger, Jessica)1; Dressel, H (Dressel, Holger)1; Vogelberg, C (Vogelberg, Christian)3; Leupold, W (Leupold, Wolfgang)3; Windstetter, D (Windstetter, Doris)1; Weinmayr, G (Weinmayr, Gudrun)2; Genuneit, J (Genuneit, Jon)2; Heumann, C (Heumann, Christian)4; Nowak, D (Nowak, Dennis)1; von Mutius, E (von Mutius, Erika)5; Radon, K (Radon, Katja)1 Source: JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY Volume: 129 Issue: 2 Pages: 397-U189 DOI: 10.1016/j.jaci.2011.08.016 Published: FEB 2012
  • Influence of air pressure, humidity, solar radiation, temperature, and wind speed on ambulatory visits due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Bavaria, Germany Author(s): Ferrari, U (Ferrari, Uta)1; Exner, T (Exner, Teresa)2; Wanka, ER (Wanka, Eva R.)1; Bergemann, C (Bergemann, Christoph)3; Meyer-Arnek, J (Meyer-Arnek, Julian)3; Hildenbrand, B (Hildenbrand, Beate)3; Tufman, A (Tufman, Amanda)1; Heumann, C (Heumann, Christian)2; Huber, RM (Huber, Rudolf M.)1; Bittner, M (Bittner, Michael)3; Fischer, R (Fischer, Rainald)1 Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOMETEOROLOGY Volume: 56 Issue: 1 Pages: 137-143 DOI: 10.1007/s00484-011-0405-x Published: JAN 2012
  • Response shrinkage estimation in multinomial logit models Author(s): Zahid, FM (Zahid, Faisal Maqbool)1; Heumann, C (Heumann, Christian)1 Source: JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PLANNING AND INFERENCE Volume: 142 Issue: 1 Pages: 95-109 DOI: 10.1016/j.jspi.2011.06.027 Published: JAN 2012
  • Shalabh and C. Heumann (2012): "Simultaneous Prediction of Actual and Average Values of Study variable Using Stein-rule Estimators" in Some Recent Developments in Statistical Theory and Application, (Editors: K. Kumar and A. Chaturvedi), pp. 68-81, Brown Walker Press, U.S.A.
  • Samson B. Adebayo, Ludwig Fahrmeir, Christian Seiler, Christian Heumann (2011). Geoadditive Latent Variable Modeling of Count Data on Multiple Sexual Partnering in Nigeria. {\it Biometrics}, \textbf{67} (2). 620-628.
  • Sabine Heinrich and Silke Thomas and Christian Heumann and Rüdiger von Kries and Katja Radon (2011). The impact of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields on chronic well-being in young people -- A cross-sectional study based on personal dosimetry", {\it Environment International}, \textbf{37} (1).
  • Schomaker, Michael and Heumann, Christian (2011). Model Averaging in Factor Analysis: An Analysis of Olympic Decathlon Data, Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports: Vol. 7 : Iss. 1, Article 4. DOI: 10.2202/1559-0410.1249 Available at: http://www.bepress.com/jqas/vol7/iss1/4
  • Heinrich, Sabine and Thomas, Silke and Heumann, Christian and von Kries, Rüdiger and Radon, Katja (2010). Association between exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields assessed by dosimetry and acute symptoms in children and adolescents: a population based cross-sectional study, {\it Environmental Health}, \textbf{9} (1).
  • Christian Heumann and Moritz Grenke (2010). An efficient model averaging procedure for logistic regression models using a Bayesian estimator with Laplace prior. In: Kneib, T. and Tutz, G. (eds.): Statistical Modelling and Regression Structures - Festschrift in the Honour of Ludwig Fahrmeir, Physica
  • Schomaker, M., Wan, A., Heumann, C. (2010). Frequentist Model Averaging with Missing Observations. {\it Computational Statistics and Data Analysis}, \textbf{54} (12).
  • SELECTION OF DESIGNS AND PARAMETERS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS ON MOUTH RINSES Author(s): Lorenz, K (Lorenz, K.)1; Bruhn, G (Bruhn, G.)1; Netuschil, L (Netuschil, L.)1; Heumann, C (Heumann, C.)2; Hoffmann, T (Hoffmann, T.)1 Source: BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY Volume: 70 Supplement: 1 Pages: 21-21 Meeting Abstract: 41 Published: NOV 2010
  • Kühnlein, A., Heumann, C., Thomas, S., Heinrich, S., Radon, K. (2009). Personal exposure to mobile communication networks and well-being in children - a statistical analysis based on a functional approach. {\it Bioelectromagnetics}, \textbf{30}(4): 261-269.
  • HOW TO SELECT STUDY DESIGNS AND PARAMETERS TO INVESTIGATE THE EFFECT OF MOUTHRINSES? PART I: RATIONALE AND BACKGROUND Author(s): Lorenz, K (Lorenz, K.)1; Bruhn, G (Bruhn, G.)1; Netuschil, L (Netuschil, L.)1; Heumann, C (Heumann, C.)2; Hoffmann, T (Hoffmann, T.)1 Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Volume: 60 Supplement: 8 Pages: 77-83 Published: DEC 2009
  • HOW TO SELECT STUDY DESIGNS AND PARAMETERS TO INVESTIGATE THE EFFECT OF MOUTHRINSES? PART II: COMPARISONS BETWEEN THE PARAMETERS USED Author(s): Lorenz, K (Lorenz, K.)1; Bruhn, G (Bruhn, G.)1; Heumann, C (Heumann, C.)2; Hoffmann, T (Hoffmann, T.)1; Netuschil, L (Netuschil, L.)1 Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Volume: 60 Supplement: 8 Pages: 85-90 Published: DEC 2009
  • Effect of N-chlorotaurine mouth rinses on plaque regrowth and plaque vitality Author(s): Lorenz, K (Lorenz, K.)1; Mayer, D (Mayer, D.)1; Bruhn, G (Bruhn, G.)1; Noack, B (Noack, B.)1; Brecx, M (Brecx, M.); Heumann, C (Heumann, C.)1,2; Toutenburg, H (Toutenburg, H.)2; Netuschil, L (Netuschil, L.)1; Nagl, M (Nagl, M.)3; Gottardi, W (Gottardi, W.)3; Hoffmann, T (Hoffmann, T.)1 Source: CLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS Volume: 13 Issue: 1 Pages: 9-14 DOI: 10.1007/s00784-008-0207-7 Published: MAR 2009
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